Fantasies Seven and Eight---Lighthouse and Keeper’s House---1900

Projects number seven and eight are another double scene.  They are a lighthouse and a keeper’s house.  These Maureen O’Donnell built starting with Real Good Toys kits.  She also did the landscaping including realistic water and sand with the appropriate sea animals.  The setting is around 1900 in Maine.  Captain Burgess is in the Lighthouse Service.  His bedroom, office, and work area are on the three levels of the lighthouse.  His two daughters help by running the household and tending the gardens and farm animals.  Their bedroom, is on the second floor of the house.  A lighthouse family in those days had to be self sufficient, especially if they were stationed on an island.  They had to be fishermen, hunters, farmers, and mariners, as well as operating the lighthouse and tending to household tasks.  These projects were shown at the Museum Show in Denver.