Fantasy Four---Southwest Adobe

My next project was a southwest adobe house.  Southwest adobes were Maureen O’Donnell’s specialty at that time, and she made many different models.  I think of the couple who live there as an older Hispanic couple who have raised their family and are now enjoying retirement in their familiar old home with frequent visits from children and grandchildren.  As in all my mini homes the furnishings are very detailed.  In the kitchen there is everything you need for cooking, down to the measuring cups and measuring spoons. The shelves and refrigerator contain all the ingredients for delicious meals.  JoAnn Berry of Blackfoot Daisy Studio made and dressed the dolls and made the doll clothing, the Christmas tree, and Christmas wreath.  This project was displayed at the Denver Museum Show and then in the Southwest Room at the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys for a few years, until I moved to California.  In California it was shown at the Santa Ynez Valley History Museum in Santa Ynez during the holiday season in 2007.