Fantasy Nine---Dan’s Place---A Beach House

Project nine is Dan’s Place.  It was created in memory of my brother Dan.  He never actually owned such a place, but I put in it things he really had and a few things he would have liked.  He was a mechanical engineer with a Master’s degree from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a lover of the technical aspects of sailing and sailboat racing.  Maureen O’Donnell renovated the beach house and added the workshop and the landscaping.  The sailboat is a model made by my dad before I was born.  It is a model of the real life sailboat called Fuddy Duddy that he had built first.  My dad was also a graduate of M.I.T. in naval architecture and marine engineering.  His avocation was sailing and sailboat racing.  The doll was made to look like my brother by JoAnn Berry of Blackfoot Daisy Studio.  This project was shown at the Denver Museum September Show.