Fantasy One---Victorian House---1900

In 1976 in Boulder, Colorado, I discovered an unemployed man with an architectural background who had made a Tudor wall dollhouse from scraps of wood and small stones he picked up.  His name was Stanley Doctor and he agreed to design and build me a Victorian dollhouse.  He had no plans or kit to work with, but only a very old photograph of the historic Morrison-McKenzie house at Eighth and Pine in Boulder, Colorado, and the list of rooms that I wanted.  So this is a one of a kind Queen Anne style house in the one inch equals one foot scale (the scale of all my miniature buildings).  Stan lived in a barn and had very few tools with which to work.  He bent the wood for the curved porch over a tea kettle and cut the shingles by hand from sandpaper.  He was especially proud of the hard wood floors throughout, including parquet floors in the kitchen and bathroom.  He contracted with other artisans to create the stained glass windows and a weather vane.  My delightful job was to wallpaper and furnish the house!  The family in this house is an upper middle class family. The father runs a mercantile store in the town, which he inherited from his father.  There is a boy and a girl and a baby girl in the family, as well as a very friendly dog.  They employ a cook and a maid to help mother with the household chores.  Grandmother and grandfather are visiting.  This Victorian house was displayed during the holiday season in 2007 at the Santa Ynez Valley History Museum in Santa Ynez, California.