Miniature Fantasies by Carolyn


My Early Miniatures

From childhood I was fascinated by tiny things.  I loved to make dish gardens.  Very early I had a cardboard dollhouse with a few simple pieces of wooden furniture.  I also looked forward to getting the cardboard dividers in each box of Shredded Wheat cereal because on each divider was printed a small house or some other building.  These I colored, cut out, and fitted together to make a tiny town!

When I was about eight years old I received from my parents a wooden dollhouse.  On the front it had a door and three windows that opened.  The shutters, siding, trees, and other landscaping were painted on the outside.  It was divided into just four very bleak, equal sized rooms, two upstairs and two down.  My brother Danny, two years older than I, renovated this dollhouse, creating a stairway with a closet under it going up from the living room.  Upstairs he put in walls that created a hallway and a divided bathroom between the two bedrooms.  My mother painted the inside of the dollhouse and added wallpaper from a discarded wallpaper book.  My grandmother crocheted rugs for the house.  I spent my allowance on plastic Renwal furniture from five and ten cent stores.  I also made little things, getting many ideas from the book Big Susan by Elizabeth Orton Jones.  I loved that dollhouse, but was encouraged as a teenager to give it away along with all its furnishings.  However, I always thought that someday I would again have a dollhouse.

About Me---Carolyn Haskins Roth

I was born in the state of Maine in 1939 and grew up in Bath, Maine, and Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  In 1962 I graduated from what is now the University of Southern Maine at Gorham.  I taught three years in Kittery, Maine, in the fourth grade.  In 1965 I moved to Colorado, where I lived in the Denver/Boulder area and taught grades two through five for twenty-seven years in the Boulder Valley School District.  In 1969 I received my Master’s Degree from what is now the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.  In 1972 I married Wayne Frederick Roth.  In 1979 we moved into the house we built on Sugarloaf Mountain ten miles west of Boulder, where we lived for twenty-eight years.  I retired from teaching in 1994.  In 2007 we moved to Solvang, California, in the Santa Ynez Valley of Santa Barbara County.

My Adult Miniatures